Thursday, March 20, 2014


*The entire page is covered in random scrawls featuring solar iconography interspersed with pictures of fish and a crudely drawn faerie with with qualities akin to solar energy shaped into a vaguely faerielike shape, the page is also heavily charred.*

Monday, December 30, 2013


A time always knowing, seeking fishy companionship! After many journeyings and much things of the lux and the monetary things, a friendship friends make a Xaolyn's dream come true! Where once was three fishies, is now two more fishies! Let's count them! One, deux, drei, quatro, roku! (That's counting to five!)

Five's a holiest number, to the Discordian friends. The elements, the seasons, two plus three! (23 is also a fun number!) Now that the fishies are all together, the strengthening can continue with much gusto! The gusto makes the leaveso blowo aroundo, which means the fishies and I will grow stronger together to be the best worshipper of Eris!

Well, when we're not playing in chapeltown, that is, nice safey place where one can sit and think quietly and imagine all the lovely places! Imagination is a wonderful funderful thing. I'm so good at it too! Fishies help too.

A Fishy Listy:

Chaos! (Current Truename: Missy Fishy Euneirofriendia)
Discord! (Current Truename: Mister Bubbleshapes Esq.)
Confusion! (Current Truename: Flippy Fishscales)
Bureaucracy! (Current Truename: Judge Milty)
Aftermath! (Current Truename: Sak Anna)

These are the fishies of yesterday, tomorrow, and tomorrow's yesteday! Glory be to Discordia!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Twirly whirly energy, world unfurled, primal power!
There are five essences! Hence the quint!
Prickle, essence of totally awesome feel!
Orange, essence of vibrant see!
Pungent, essence of powerful sniff!
Sweet, essence of delicious taste!
and Boom, essence of melodious hear!
These are mundane essence, there is also the metaphysical essence!
Chaos, essence of churning potential!
Discord, essence of unfettered freedom!
Confusion, essence of whimsical nonlinearity!
Bureaucracy, essence of  necessary stability!
and Aftermath, essence of cleansing instability!
These essences are quint, and twirl through the universe, making it a wonderful place! Dance joyfully in the throes of your illuminations, and let your gland love you!

evEr sInCe boRedoM, AdVanCES iN LEveLS dOrK!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oh dear, oh dear! Glowy glyphs are shifting their paradigms! Made not of magic, made yes of theophanic energy! The thingies of gods! They're no longer rainbow glowy when we look at them with our glowy vision! For some reason, we can't glowy vision as well as before either, how odd! We hope we can figure out how the stuffs work or maybe we'll find out some other way maybe hopefully yes!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holy Jeepers!

We are sorry for forgetting you, magical recording aether! We have been busy with so many sights, sounds and smells! A new force of people have entered the world, those who control light for their might, fighting for what's right! We have heard that the Jordon of Halness has missed become too, gone he be? Missed he will not be, he seemed weird, like he did not belong in this world!

Eris comes to us in a vision, tells us to make haste to Dexter, and tell him the codephrase, because a Xaolyn's help was needed to see the world and its new newness! Dexter heard the phrase, and we feels all of us god fun abilities gone to the world of wind and ghosts! And Dexter got maaaaaaaad! And then we died, we got better though!

Liathyr, Liathyr, a land of Danaan and suchities. We remember the place, for it is the site of the Most Holy Rutabaga of Eternal Revolution! Its spinning determines the love of the world's root vegetables! Outside a city, in the mountains, a danaan, a plan, a canal! A yellow lens, light everywhere! We had found the place Eris had brought us to! Hail her glorious directions! The secret hiding of our chaoticness, we were let in, and saw the glowy sphere! And then we got a lens too! Glorious focusing technique!

Light thingies were made, glowiness was had, much to be seen, much to be made. The Bringers of Light, they seemed to be those of order, but not those of tyranny! They fought for civilization! Not like the Tyrants! Eris was pleased, perhaps? She tells, maybe she doesn't? Less of regard, we have returned to our cradle of chaos, after yelling at Dexter about being mean, and all status quo has been returned!

Perhaps we remember to visit more often, Aether, and if anyone out there can read the secretest secrets, be sure to somehow leave a sign of your existance! We love knowing where everything is and may be and who sees the things and the knowledge it brings.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Thought.

The fancy guys with the pyramid all down south have this weird yellow stuff growing from their farmlands that they call "maze", but I never get lost in it, am I bad at making plants do stuff?

O the Transitoriness!

Twinkle twinkle big ol' troll
How I see you while you stroll
Up above in the clear blue sky
Pick it up and dazzle my eyes
Twinkle twinkle big ol' troll
How you did that? I do not know!